Dutch Spices’ philosophy is that everyone should be able to eat safe and tasty food. Because we know that eating is important in our lives: for health, for growth and for mutual enjoyment. And everyone has that right.

  • More and more people are aware of healthy eating
  • Transparency in the food chain is important to me
  • Do you also want to prepare food safely
  • Our dream is that everyone can eat the same food


  • We are passionate
    about food
  • The same fantastic
  • We strive for transparency in
    the production chain
  • Dutch Spices a
    conceiving since 2011

Dutch Spices wants to make food for everyone. This food has to be tasty, safe, affordable and available. Our products contain no allergens so that people with food allergies can enjoy them and have a variety to choose from.

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Dutch Spices makes products for a variety of markets: industry, trade, consumers and the catering trade. Because whenever people eat and/or season food. Dutch Spices wants to relieve them from worry by offering tasty and safe products.


With our modern production site, trained staff and vast knowledge of allergen-safe products and processes, Dutch Spices guarantees that the products we make and supply comply with the VITAL standard. VITAL is the globally-accepted standard for allergen management. This strict standard can only be observed in collaboration with all links in the chain. This demands a daily premier league approach by all parties.

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Dutch Spices is a Partner For Great Taste in tasty solutions for a large group of food producers (industry, nationally and internationally) & fresh food specialists (traditional sector). There is a growing group of consumers who are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between health and food and the quality of food.

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Every day we can enjoy eating and drinking and we have a wide choice. Internationally there are many interesting developments in food and we like to share this information with you. It could be a tasty recipe, a new study, an exhibition or a relevant article. Do you have interesting news? Tell us about it.

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“We believe in a world in which food should be
tasty, safe, affordable and available to everyone.”