Insights Halal & Food

Insights Halal & Food

The demand for halal food concepts have been on the rise. This requires special attention for all used ingredients, they must also comply with the halal guidelines.
More insights from Dutch Spices about halal and the possibilities for tasty and safe food products (Halal Correct Certification).

The Worldwide Muslim population is growing. Currently approx. 23% of the population is Muslim, most live in Indonesia, Pakistan and India. In Europe, 4.9% of the population is Muslim. It is properly to highlight London in more detail; 14.5% of the population is Muslim.

Halal claim relevant item within product development
According to the halal claim on food & beverage, we we can conclude that this claim is increasing very strongly. Between 2016 - 2020, the number of product introductions worldwide, containing the halal claim, has grown by 56%.
In Europe we also see a significant increase (+ 12%).
Most populair productgroups are: bakery / sauces & seasonings / snacks, and meat / fish / eggs.

More insights in Europe, shows that in product introductions there is a taste preference for Peri Peri Chili and upcoming flavours are Barbecue and Garlic.

Halal certification
The (consumer) product is only suitable for halal food concepts, if all used ingredients comply with the guidelines. This also applies to the seasonings used, such as spice mixes, sauces and marinades.
Dutch Spices complies with the Halal guidelines and has received certification from Halal Correct Certification.

Product inspiration
Joey’s Sweet Chili Sauce
Joey’s Garlic Sauce

More insights in this Paper.

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