Interview Dutch Spices: Inside Food & Drink magazine

Interview Dutch Spices: Inside Food & Drink magazine

Dutch Spices collaborated in the latest edition of the Inside Food & Drink magazine. Tom Wiering, commercial director, provides depth in various topics and the uniqueness of Dutch Spices according to allergen safe, vegetarian/vegan, and Halal food solutions.

In the interview Tom emphasizes the cooperatoin with the customers and the unique production methode. In this way Dutch Spices is able to offer food concepts for their target audience, in line with trends and recent developments.

Appeal to readers
Tom asks the readers to take up the challenge of participating in promoting healthy, allergen-safe food initiatives.  To show what we offer, food producers are called to address their issues in the field of spice mixes, sauces and marinades, to offer a tastful allergen-safe seasoning that also meets the vegetarian, vegan and halal conditions. 

Read more, interview with Tom Wiering, Dutch Spices.

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