Innovation Dutch Spices: Joey's Worchester Sauce

Innovation Dutch Spices: Joey's Worchester Sauce

Innovation is an important item for Dutch Spices. This applies to processes, but also for products. Coming weeks, new products will be announced. The new products will be presented at the FiE from 3-5 December 2019. In this news item more information about Joey's Worchester Sauce.

Joey's Worchester Sauce is a well spicy sauce with a distinguished taste. Normally these sauces contain fish as ingredients. These Worchester sauce does not, as fish is an allergen. The typical taste from fish is replaced via a product matrix of plant bases proteins and fats. Compared to the ‘regular’ products, this sauce contain less E numbers and the ingredient list is shorter.

This product remain homogeneous during shelf life, an important value for the food processing.

This sauce is safe for 24 allergens and meets the requirements for vegan and vegetarian products. The 24 most known allergens are excluded and cross contamination is avoided according to the VITAL standard.

More information: Joey's Worchester Sauce

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