Dutch Spices ginger & lime chili marinade 3x4,5kg

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Product Description

Give meat, poultry and fish an Asian taste twist with this light-orange Ginger, Lime & Chilli Marinade from Dutch Spices.

Ginger, Lime & Chilli Marinade from Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices’ Ginger, Lime & Chilli Marinade is a glossy, transparent pale orange rapeseed oil-based marinade liberally flecked with bell pepper, cracked black peppercorns and parsley. The addition of cayenne pepper and black peppercorns makes this marinade extra spicy. The marinade has the typical Asian flavour combination of ginger and lime with a touch of paprika, garlic and onion.

For meat, poultry and fish

From fish skewers to chicken escallops – with Dutch Spices’ Ginger, Lime & Chilli oil marinade you can give your culinary creations a delicious Asian flavour by simply marinating your chicken, pork, beef, fish, prawns or vegetables in or with the spicy oil. The recommended dosage is 80 to 100 grams of marinade per kilo of product. The Ginger, Lime & Chilli Marinade will also add a fresh, spicy taste boost to anything that will be barbequed or grilled.

In handy jerrycans

Dutch Spices’ liquid Ginger & Lime Chilli Marinade is supplied in handy jerrycans, so pouring the correct amount of the ready-to-use flavoured oil is very easy and hygienic. This makes it ideal for applications including hotpots and catering. Kept in the unopened jerrycan in a cooled environment the marinade will stay fresh for 12 months (see the THT date on the packaging). Shake before use.

Product information

GTIN code: 8711648089211
Brand: Dutch Spices
Product code: 2002340
Country of origin Nederland
Datum eerste verzending 09-04-2024

Shelf life

Minimum shelf life from delivery 21 dagen


100% Vega & Vegan HalalCorrect Vrij van 14-allergenen

Sizes and weights

Net weight (g) 4500
Gross weight (g) 4500