Dutch Spices barbecuesauce smoked bull 2x5kg

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Product Description

Give barbequed meat a spicy, smoky flavour with this brown Smoked Bull Barbecue Sauce from Dutch Spices.

Smoked Bull Barbecue Sauce from Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices’ Smoked Bull Barbecue Sauce is a tomato-based (dipping) sauce made following a tried-and-tested Dutch Spices recipe. The sweetness of tomatoes is enhanced with black pepper, an undertone of garlic, a hint of allspice and, of course, a fragrant smokiness. All your customers will love it.

No barbecue is complete without it

Dutch Spices’ Smoked Bull Barbecue Sauce is an essential for any barbecued (or grilled) meat, poultry or fish. Preparation is fast and easy: Simply pour the sauce over the meat or fish and stir through well. The recommended dosage is 100 grams of sauce per kilo of product. The ready-to-use sauce is also delicious with fried chicken, spare ribs and pulled pork.

In sturdy buckets

Dutch Spices’ viscous Smoked Bull Barbeque Sauce is supplied in handy plastic buckets with sturdy green lids. The buckets can be stacked and are easy to empty using a scraper. Kept in the unopened bucket the sauce will stay fresh for 12 months (see the THT date on the bucket). Always store in a cool, dry environment and ensure the packaging remains securely closed. Shake well before use.

Product information

GTIN code: 8711648088726
Brand: Dutch Spices
Product code: 2002147
Country of origin Nederland
Datum eerste verzending 11-12-2023

Shelf life

Minimum shelf life from delivery 22 dagen


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