From our years of experience with ingredients and flavours we know precisely how to create the right taste. Every day we develop new flavours and try to improve existing flavours and recipes. There are always two mainstays to this: there is a balanced and tasty combination of ingredients and the ingredients are safe, in other words allergen-safe according to the VITAL standard.

We provide detailed product specifications because we are aware that food companies have to know precisely what raw materials they are getting. These specifications are available for every product and are never more than a year old. There are no allergens in the food made by the companies that Dutch Spices supplies because we do not use the 24 allergens on the LeDa list (either by way of recipes or by way of cross-contamination). Every day we work on our dream of making tasty and safe food for everyone.

Curious about the VITAL standard?

Achtergrond van smaak

Background of flavor

The word "taste" has several definitions. Like the sensation of something you eat or drink when tasting. Or a combination of subjective preferences, which is not debatable.
In the development of new flavors, the product development department use the flavor pyramid.

  • 1. Basic Notes: basic ingredients for the basic taste, with herbs and spices
  • 2. Middle Notes: for functionality, color, binding, conservation, garnish
  • 3. Top Note: specific characteristic for the perception and taste

Partners for great taste

We make tasty product concepts by working closely and intensively with our customers. We like to help with taste testing in the end product. We now have wide experience in a variety of applications, like meat, fish, vegetables, agri-food, snacks, bread and confectionery, and dairy products.


Dutch Spices’ philosophy is that everyone should be able to eat safe, tasty food. Because we know that eating is important in our lives: for health, for growth and for mutual enjoyment. And everyone has that right. Dutch Spices was founded in 2011 based on this ideal.

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