Dutch Spices is a Partner For Great Taste for a large group of food manufacturers (industry, nationally and internationally) & fresh food specialists (the traditional sector such as family butchers, greengrocers and fishmongers). There is a growing group of consumers who are increasingly concerned about the content and quality of food. By working with Dutch Spices products you will combat the 24 most common allergens and you can continue to inform and serve this growing group.


Distinctive flavour is very important to our clients; in the main this is determined by the seasoning mix. This is why we have very few standard products but supply them custom-made. Flavour and safety are always paramount. You can tell us what you would like in the development of new flavours. We will be delighted to meet your wishes when it comes to the type of packaging and the content. In this way you can work with us on our dream of making a wide range of tasty and allergen-safe foods for a large group of people.

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As a traditional fresh food specialist you can choose from a wide, tasty and distinctive range of products from Dutch Spices. No matter whether you are a butcher, fishmonger greengrocer or baker, let us know what you need and we will work with you to find a tasty solution. Fresh food specialists are increasingly being asked by their customers about products that are safe from certain allergens and E numbers. At Dutch Spices you’ve come to the right address – cross contamination is out of the question too.

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“We believe in an allergen-safe world in which
everyone can eat safe, tasty food.”