Dutch Spices wants to make food for everyone. This food has to be tasty and safe—quality comes first. Dutch Spices supplies products to a variety of markets. Because where people (go to) eat, Dutch Spices wants to make life easier by gearing its products to specific markets.
At the ‘Who for’ tab you can very quickly see which products are available in your market.

Dutch Spices’ products can be divided into four main groups.


Wherever people eat or season food, Dutch Spices wants to make life easier by supplying tasty, safe products. The herb and spice mixes and the marinades and sauces are suitable for a wide range of foods.


  • Jack
  • Mary
  • Sarah
  • Tony

Dutch Spices has chosen unique product names, each with a typical character, like Mary’s and Jack’s. These names apply to the products that Dutch Spices supply to the food industry.

• Susan’s: single herbs & spices • Tony’s: (technical) additives
• Jack’s: herb and spice mixes • Bob’s: water-based marinades
• Mary’s: herb and spice mixes • Mike’s: oil-based marinades
• Sarah’s: mixes for the preparation of gravy and sauces • Joey’s: cooking sauces


This website shows a selection of our products, our range is much wider. Dutch Spices is willing to develop new flavours with you. Please contact us.

“We believe in an allergen-safe world in which
everyone can eat safe, tasty food.”