Dutch Spices awarded SimplyOK top certification for allergen management

Dutch Spices awarded SimplyOK top certification for allergen management

In October Dutch Spices attained the highest level of allergen management certification. This recognition of Dutch Spices’ outstanding quality standard heralds a new revolution in food safety.

Number 1 position in allergen management
Since it was established, Dutch Spices has been a forerunner as the first foodingredient supplier to make safe and tasty food for everyone. Dutch Spices’ products are proven safe for 24 allergens and comply with the VITAL standard. Dutch Spices’ SimplyOK certification paves the way for a new revolution in food safety.

Watch the video about the SimplyOK certification.

No worries
Procurement managers, product developers and quality managers are often faced with incomplete product specifications and unclear information about allergens in recipes and raw materials. Thédor van der Vleuten, Dutch Spices managing director, explains. ‘Many foodcompanies are wrestling with quality issues. Attainment of SimplyOK certification was a logical result for us as a supplier of allergen safe products and our leading position in allergen management. Many headaches in food businesses we work with are disappearing.’

SimplyOK is a foundation that aims to communicate clear, reliable and full information about allergens for example on labels and product specifications. Allergen management systems are audited by specially trained auditors from certification service providers Vinçotte  ISACert and Lloyd’s Register, with extra focus on the five basic mainstays of allergen management, including preventing cross-contamination. The SimplyOK audit supplements an FSSC, BRC or IFS audit.

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