Social Responsibility Policy

We readily accept our responsibility for conducting business sustainably. Our sense of social involvement and clear vision drive our ongoing quest for a perfect balance between social, environmental and economic interests.


Child labour is unacceptable. This is discussed with all our suppliers. We provide an appropriate work environment for people with learning difficulties. We have made agreements with local educational institutions about cooperation and internships. We encourage employees to give input and take personal responsibility.
We help employees in every way we can in their personal development in the broadest sense. As an employer we regularly organize guided tours for students from local educational institutions in order to give young people an understanding of the opportunities in a professional industrial business. This is how we are contributing to the impending shortage of employees in the food industry. Our organization deems health important. For example we provide free fruit for our employees every day. There are also regular preventive medical check-ups.
Our products do not contain any azo dyes. Reducing salt and E numbers are major spearheads in our product development department.


All waste streams in our company are separated. We are conducting measurements on our refrigeration compressors to identify peaks in power consumption and eventually get them completely under control. We monitor temperature cooling so that maximum set values can be increased where possible. It is, however, important that the storage temperature remains constant.
Enzymes are added to our waste water to reduce pollutant levels. We only use paper made from raw materials from responsibly managed forests. Our packaging materials are food grade and comply with legislation applicable to foodstuffs. Vehicle fleet management focuses on economical and/or electric vehicles.


The lighting in our premises is switched off automatically to cut electricity consumption. We use proximity switches for lighting in corridors and areas where people are not present continually. We use heat recovered from compressors to heat the building's entrance hall.
Air compressors in production areas have shut-off valves to prevent air leaks. Machinery is checked monthly for air leaks.


We use guidance provided by ISO 26000 in formulating social responsibility policy. This is how we do our best for people and the environment now and in the future.

“We believe in an allergen-safe world in which
everyone can eat safe, tasty food.”